A touch of bright blue in the four-leaf clover

On November 13, Shanghai building materials group bo jianeng curtain wall co., LTD received a letter of thanks from China international import expo bureau and Shanghai national convention and exhibition center, which is for bo machinery company to pay for the expo is also for "four-leaf clover" in a flash of blue applause.

The first China international import expo was attended by 172 countries, regions and international organizations, and over 400,000 buyers from home and abroad visited and negotiated in the 300,000-square-meter "four-leaf clover" pavilion. If you pay a little attention, you will find groups of 3 to 4 people in blue uniforms walking in unison through the exhibition's 8 venues. They are glass machine company "wall steward" in the international exhibition center security team. According to statistics, during the fair, at least 350 people participated in the security of eight venues of the exhibition center.

Fight for 100 days to welcome bo

In the Shanghai government "sprint 100 days, the final victory into the expo" pledge mobilization conference, under the overall deployment of the Shanghai building materials group, in the face of the international exhibition center to ensure the work time is tight, heavy task, difficult and other examination questions, bo machine people with "responsibility and responsibility" to write this satisfactory answer.

-- the most complete assurance plan. The company management team for both center security work as the primary work to grasp, annual successively organized technical personnel to argument, optimization of security work, preparation of nearly 20000 words of the national convention center (Shanghai) wall professional maintenance service project book, involving the whole project maintenance plan and emergency contingency plans, construction deployment and management, quality management and quality assurance measures, safety accident emergency plan, and 11 aspects.

-- curtain wall maintenance of the largest single building in China. The curtain wall area of the exhibition center reaches 240,000 square meters. Because it is adjacent to the airport and no uav can be used for inspection, the maintainers combine traditional methods with advanced inspection technology to innovate the new inspection technology and improve the inspection efficiency by more than 30%. A total of 720,000 square meters of curtain wall were inspected and maintained, and more than 200 pieces of hidden curtain wall glass were replaced.

-- refresh the record of the shortest steel structure brush. The organizing committee gave the task of updating the 90,000 square meters steel structure of the international exhibition center to the glass machinery company and proposed that it must be completed by the middle of October. For this reason, the company selected the backbone members of each construction team of the enterprise to form a strike force of 30 people, and completed the construction task within 1 month with quality and quantity guaranteed.

-- repair work with most Windows and doors. Aluminum alloy Windows, shutters, aluminum alloy grille, steel doors, swing doors, revolving doors and other doors and Windows gathered at the international exhibition center, the company's technical personnel and construction personnel closely cooperate, has checked and maintained 2200 doors and Windows, no failure during the fair.

In addition, the glass machine company in the 100 days into the expo period, for the city's main area inspection 1204 curtain wall building, completed 201 building curtain wall safety maintenance construction, for the city woven curtain wall safety network play a due role.

Sprint hard, keep bo

One week before the opening, according to the main organizing committee hall fire optimization plan, the company to ensure the construction of the main area for the second fireproof coating, they catch up with the progress, quality assurance, played a beautiful battle, the quality of the project by the national exhibition center related departments.

In order to ensure the safety of building curtain wall, doors and Windows, and steel structure in the relevant areas of the opening ceremony, the inspection team conducted a blanket inspection and replaced defective parts of many curtain walls, doors and Windows.

Six day battle, protect bo

On November 5, solstice, 10, all four teams of the company's "wall steward" emergency security office in the international exhibition center took up their posts. According to the security plan during the exhibition, the team conducted continuous inspections on key risk areas four times a day, with each person's daily trip exceeding 20,000 steps.

The first China international import expo came to an end. All the cadres and employees of building materials group glass machinery co., LTD went all out and made great contributions to the success of the expo and injected new connotation into glass machinery culture.






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