Group leadership research glass intelligent curtain wall company

Recently, Yang qingyun, group vice President and chairman of building materials group, investigated Shanghai glass intelligent curtain wall co., LTD., accompanied by zhao jian, President of building materials group and Lin lei, vice President, etc.

Manager Yang listened to the report on the business situation of boji company in 2018, the main work plan in 2019 and the company's transformation and development ideas in the next three years. He affirmed the achievements of boji company in recent years and expressed his gratitude for the efforts of the management team. Yang said that as an important part of real estate group's strategy of building the most important urban renewal platform, real estate group and building materials group attach great importance to the development of the company and support the innovation and transformation of the company. On the next step of work, Yang pointed out: first, to broaden the horizon, planning a good enterprise development strategy. Face the collectivization rival retrofitting of existing buildings is to join the Shanghai city bo machine management team to analyze market opportunities and challenges, find themselves in the group in the urban renewal strategy positioning, accords with the practice of enterprise development strategy and target, increase in capital, technology, brand, management, talent's comprehensive ability. Second, we need to apply new ideas, technologies, methods and models to build and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. In accordance with the laws of market economy, industry and enterprise development, further identify the development stage of the company, benchmark the industry benchmark enterprises, learn from the best, compare with the best, find gaps to strengthen weaknesses, and constantly improve the core competitiveness. Third, we need to enhance integrated services and accelerate market expansion. We should grasp the market opportunities, innovate the business model, complete the industrial chain, choose key breakthroughs, accelerate the industrial layout, steadily improve the scale and level of enterprise development under the premise of controllable risks, and make greater contributions to the construction of the group's urban renewal platform. According to general Yang's requirements, the building materials group should further stimulate the vitality of the system and mechanism, optimize the control process, and boost the operating efficiency and benefits of the company in accordance with the principles conducive to the sustainable development of the company. Glass machine company should attach great importance to production safety, strict safety inspection, strengthen production safety management, to ensure the smooth operation of the enterprise. Finally, on behalf of real estate group, building materials group to bo machine company staff extend New Year greetings.

Zhao jian, President of building materials group, pointed out that the glass machine company should break through the industrial boundary, improve the quality of service to customers, do a good job in the second operation, fully reflect the enterprise in the scale of operation, business depth of the new advantages; In order to realize a new round of rapid development, it is necessary to transform from passive service to active service in the competition of urban renewal market. We should further optimize the service connotation of "wall steward", realize the second promotion of the business model, and promote the development of "wall steward" to "floor steward". Building materials group vice President, bo machine company chairman Lin lei emphasizes, bo machine company should seize "wall housekeeper" development opportunity, give full play to channel, big data and other advantages, make the brand strong.

At the meeting, boji reported the business situation of the enterprise in 2018, the main work plan in 2019 and the company's transformation and development strategy in the next three years. Transformation in recent years, glass machine company adhere to innovation, around the customer needs to promote differentiation development, speed up the "wall housekeeper" "cloud wall" new business marketing, make glass machine company from "curtain wall construction" to the transition of curtain wall system vendor, business implementation from "building curtain wall" to the extension of "both the curtain wall", from "product" to the "product + services", from "traditional" to "digital" breakthrough.

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January 2, 2019



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