Shanghai building materials group participated in the 20th China international industrial expo

The 20th China international industry expo will be held on September 19, 2018 at the national convention and exhibition center (Shanghai) (333 songze avenue, qingpu district, xujing east station of metro line 2). Booth no. : 8.2H D022.

The twentieth GongBoHui with "innovation, intelligent and green" as the theme, in order to speed up the development of advanced manufacturing industry, promote the Internet, the big data fusion depth, artificial intelligence and the real economy as the main line, for intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, high-end manufacturing construct platform for display, communication, trade, promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and boost the rapid development in the field of intelligent manufacturing, foster new growth drivers, grab the commanding heights of the new economy. The exhibition area of the expo is about 280,000 square meters, more than 2,500 domestic and foreign exhibitors.

Shanghai building materials (group) co., LTD. Is a large state-owned green building materials industry group integrating design and development, manufacturing, engineering application and integrated services. In recent years, the group gives full play to its industrial advantages, connects the "made in Shanghai" and "service in Shanghai" brands among the "four major brands" in Shanghai, and makes real the advanced manufacturing industry mainly focusing on high-end manufacturing and deep processing applications. To do new industrial prefabricated building materials and green building materials based new materials business; We are specialized in energy saving and environmental protection services, which mainly include renovation and upgrading of existing buildings, integrated supply of building materials, inspection and certification, and producer services. Main members of the group companies include: Shanghai fuyao glass group co., LTD., Shanghai people decoration co., LTD., Shanghai bo wit can curtain wall co., LTD., Shanghai white butterfly pipe technology co., LTD., Shanghai new rock wool co., LTD., etc., with "yao skin", "sakura", "monthly star", "white butterfly", and other well-known brands, are widely used in the Shanghai tower, pudong international airport, yangshan deep-water port and other landmarks and big engineering projects.

Shanghai building materials group exhibition highlights first look:

1. Product integration and display of several member enterprises to fully demonstrate the comprehensive strength of the group:

Walk into building materials group booth, you will be attracted by a "red-roofed hut". A closer look reveals that the cottage is not simple. Roof is used in the Shanghai area ping change slope engineering specified material "star color glass fiber asphalt shingle", waterproof building materials group co., LTD. This product has been in Beijing, Shanghai, chongqing, xiamen, hangzhou, nanjing, Harbin, urumqi and other dozens of cities is widely used to the change of slope project construction, and exported to Russia, Japan, Australia and other multinational. Downwards see again, the wall side of the cabin, metope hollow out visually shows the building materials group rock wool "cherry" brand high quality rock wool products used in construction, the brand rock wool products with fire prevention, heat preservation, air permeability, sound-absorbing, solid durability, weather resistance, hydrophobic property of moisture absorption, energy saving, easy construction, also become the center of Shanghai, the Oriental pearl TV tower, Shanghai national convention center, pudong airport such landmarks as the preferred material.


There is a "very qualitative feeling" window on the metope of another side of cabin, this is the new product that building materials group yao PI glass USES high quality glass to go up in civil residence in recent years -- "window of whole system of high-end function type". Yao skin glass as float glass industry first-line brand, introduce foreign advanced equipment and production technology, to produce a wide praise in the industry of energy-saving low-e glass, self-cleaning glass, safety against wear glass functional glass products, such as "high-end Windows and doors business is from the" to "B" to "to" a new attempt to apply the glass of the landmark quality in the quality of the people's home.


Inside the cabin, through the transparent glass floor, you can see the "floor heating system" of the white butterfly pipe industry and the "sound-proof floor rock wool" products of sakura rock wool. The "white butterfly pipe flower shelf" for interior decoration is equipped with the plants cultivated by the agricultural rock wool.




2. Quiet Windows and doors display, bringing shocking noise reduction experience

In the form of "silent speaker box", the series products of "Canon Csypanon™" of high-end Windows and doors of yaupi display are the genuine "customer attracting magic tools" of this exhibition booth of building materials group. Unscrew the handle, open the door and window, you will be more than 100 decibels of music loud deafening, but the moment closed the window, as if the world is still...... In the exhibition environment, the noise can be reduced by 47 decibels immediately after closing the window, and the noise in the box can hardly be heard. The magic of this high-end doors and Windows lies in: yaopi glass group in the selection of window glass in addition to the standard with a unique self-cleaning online film, but also in the sandwich glass to add a special medium of sound insulation damping film, all the bad, are cut off in the door!

3. The application of AR technology highlights the group's service soft power

The application of augmented reality technology on the exhibition booth of building materials group better explains the group's "service" soft power to the audience. Holding the mobile phone, open the software scan identification map, you can see the building materials people decoration company supporting the design of 3D real scene map, comprehensive, multi-angle to enjoy your future home!



4. Increase the interest to display the experimental area, "let the bamboo basket draw water no longer empty"

In the experimental area of the building materials booth, we will find a "strange bamboo basket with goldfish". Originally, this is Shanghai building materials group waterproof material limited company's new environmental protection waterproof coating experiment. Daub with waterproof coating even ground is in bamboo basket inner wall, after drying irrigative, excellent waterproof coating ensured not only "bamboo basket plays water no longer a field empty", its outstanding environmental protection performance is to let small fish swim among them happily and healthily more!


In addition, the building material group in order to increase the intuitive understanding of low-e glass performance, especially in the experimental area for two glass surface membrane layer detector, let you through infrared, uv blocking rate of glass and visible light transmittance, field testing data, fully understand the building materials group, yao skin known for producing high-end low-e glass outstanding performance!

Booth activities:

1. During the exhibition from September 19 to 23, publish the booth photos of building materials group to the circle of friends and mark the booth number of building materials group "8.2H D022". If you accumulate more than 30 likes, you can get a customized exquisite gift from building materials group on a first-come-first-served basis.

2. Fans of WeChat public number of building materials group can enjoy VIP treatment at the booth of building materials group during the exhibition.

(the final interpretation right belongs to the industrial development department of Shanghai building materials group)

Exhibition time: September 19-23, 2018

Venue: Shanghai national convention and exhibition center

Booth of Shanghai building materials group: 8.2 pavilion H, booth D022.

Shanghai building materials group sincerely invites you to come

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