Shanghai's first industrial plant renovation project with nearly zero carbon emissions was born


On August 15, 2018, the world bank-funded project "neijiang road near zero construction technology consultation", undertaken by Shanghai building materials design and research institute of Shanghai building materials group and green construction technology innovation center of China construction group, successfully passed the preliminary acceptance of the expert group. The members of the inspection group include professor long weiding of tongji university, deputy director yu wei of the building energy conservation department of Shanghai housing and urban-rural development commission, general manager zhu weifeng of Shanghai jianke building energy conservation technology co., LTD., chief engineer yuan qi of Shanghai branch of China building standards institute and chief architect li jun of modern urban architecture design institute of China construction group. Changning district urban renewal and low-carbon project management center maoqin deputy director presided over the meeting. The expert group believes that the research results of the project are innovative, leading and practical, which is conducive to the promotion and replication of the plant type reconstruction projects.

Shanghai building material group neijiang road near zero carbon project kechuang by enderle group in charge of establishment of the green building performance analysis and optimization technology, put forward feasible technical economy near zero emissions technology solutions, and the Shanghai municipal building materials industry design and research institute co., LTD., to complete the design to the ground, making Shanghai's first industrial workshop old change class project near zero carbon arises at the historic moment, redevelopment project was born.


Before the reconstruction, the project is an old factory building of Shanghai building materials group, which has a long history and a single-storey structure. After the reconstruction, the business forms are complex, including comprehensive office, coffee and tea art, and creative display. At present, the project has entered the construction stage. The follow-up meeting will focus on the whole-process energy consumption management of the project, take the energy consumption index system as the main line of control, conduct whole-process supervision and management on the follow-up design change, construction process, commissioning and acceptance of the project, and promote the completion of the project on schedule and with good quality.


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