Shanghai building materials group energy conservation and environmental protection technology co., ltd. won the "2017 Shanghai existing building green renovation assessment" two gold MEDALS


For the implementation of the measures for the implementation of "Shanghai urban renewal and the Shanghai" much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning of urban and rural construction and management, Shanghai building material group in order to "innovation drive, the transformation of development" as the instruction, promoting the green building development as the goal, to adapt to the city under the restriction of resources and environment connotation growth, innovation and development, was established in 2015, Shanghai building material group energy conservation and environmental protection technology co., LTD. The company is positioned as an integrated service provider focusing on the comprehensive energy-saving transformation of existing buildings and providing high-quality green energy-saving comprehensive solutions for urban renewal.

After more than two years of capacity building and innovative development, building materials energy efficiency actively carried out building energy efficiency comprehensive renovation projects, a total area of 131,762 square meters. The comprehensive energy saving rate of the project is above 22% on average, the total energy saving is 3,320 tons of standard coal, and the carbon emission is reduced by 9,204 tons. 2.27 million square meters of forest cover (equivalent to 16 people's squares) were planted for Shanghai.

On July 5, 2018 in Shanghai, Shanghai green building association of green building international BBS and 2017 annual "existing buildings of Shanghai green retrofit assessment" awards ceremony, relying on the existing building carbon emissions control, building green energy-saving renovation outstanding contribution in the field of ecological sustainable development, such as, won the "China building" and "foolish garden creative park" two comprehensive energy-saving renovation project two gold medal.





Won the gold medal of China building broadcasting house (phase ii) affiliated to Shanghai culture radio, film and television group (SMG) was opened in 2011 5 a grade office building, new building materials in the four months of comprehensive diagnosis of energy conservation, comprehensive system and independent research and development of multidimensional operational energy saving means of energy efficiency management platform, without changing the original air conditioning heat and cold source host under the premise of implementation festival 258 tce energy, energy saving rate is 21.6%, 715 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, as Shanghai is the age of the first 10 years comprehensive energy-saving effect best green update and reconstruction of existing buildings benchmarking project.


Yuyuan creative park, formerly known as Shanghai tianxiang jiantai pharmaceutical machinery co., LTD., has created a number of first place in China's pharmaceutical machinery industry. After transforming the building materials into a garden-style office park, the height and spatial attributes of the original factory buildings are retained. Combined with modern technological auxiliary visual elements, it is planned as a bamboo forest theme landscape with ecological flavor. Mainly adopt double layer heat insulation glass, green LED induction lamp, using the latest model of VRV aircon system to realize the magnificent low-carbon transformation of old factory building, and won the changning district of low carbon demonstration project honorary award, the gain of the existing buildings of Shanghai green retrofit assessment "gold prize fool campus has also become the changning district renewal and transformation of creative park green highlights.





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